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Ivo Ivanov is an interior design artist based in New York City that works directly with home and business owners as well as real estate companies to provide unmatched decorative services from consultation to complete custom realization for all interior spaces and furniture in the US and abroad. 


Ivo can take on each project from idea to completion. 

The experience is very personal as he takes care of customizing and personalizing all aspects of a space to fit the desired style and budget of his clients. As he works through the proposals, he keeps clients at the forefront of the design process. 


With his limitless range of services, he ultimately empowers his clients to realize spaces that they may have only dreamed of.

He takes pride in his ability to not only present concept designs for spaces, but to also implement the designs himself through his extensive experience in services such as hand painted murals, gilding, furniture design, wall covering, venetian plaster, etc. 


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